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The beauty industry is overdue a revolution. There's thousands of new products entering the market every year. We know you see them, filling up your news feed, confusing the hell out of all us. With so much choice out there, how can we know what's right? Finding that allusive right product for your budget, skin type, and location takes hours of online research, and even then, it's a guess. And with hidden endorsements everywhere we look, it's hard to know where to turn for unbiased and objective advice.

That's why we built BeautyPro. To help you overcome the overwhelming feeling you get when searching for new products. We talked to you and asked what you wanted in an app (actually we asked what you wanted in a website, and then you made us change it to an app). 'Good tip', we said. Anyway, the point is, BeautyPro is what you told us you wanted. An unbiased beauty management platform where you can search every product, everywhere, review them, and then save them to your lists. You said you wanted to price compare. We said 'That's impossible'. Then you said 'Nothing's impossible.' So we went and built a price comparison engine that's partnered with all the major retailers. In fact, we're the first to do it. Hundreds of thousands of products, and millions of shop links. Pretty cool right? But this is just the beginning. Join us and become a part of the BeautyPro community because there's much more coming. We are not just a price comparison app, but a complete beauty management platform. BeautyPro is not here to tell you what to buy or where to buy it from, but to give you the tools you need to make an informed decision quickly. Then you can get back to being you, doing what you do.

Own your beauty routine. Go get it.


The BeautyPro Team