A Kick-Ass Review System
We wanted to started showcasing some of the features that make BeautyPro a little different and hopefully a little cool too.
It's time for a slider party: We don't know when it happened but at some point in history, some people in a room decided that beauty product reviews should be out of 5. Why? It takes all the fun out of reviewing.
BeautyPro uses a slider system that asks you to rate simple criteria out of 10. Then we add it all up and shows you your personal product rating percentage score. It's super fun.
Every time you view a product, you'll see the average percentage score from everyone who has reviewed that product. Now that beats a five star rating any day!
But wait there's more....then we separate the experts from the users, so you can see the difference for every product. It's so cool right? Well we like it...and we hope you do too.
Try reviewing some products and let us know if you're as in love with the sliders as we are.
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