Product Feature - Nars Orgasm
The more we share, the more we learn. We all love finding out the products our friends use. So, to get the sharing started, we asked BeautyPro founder Anna Cinquina to give us her take on a product she loves and why. She chose Nars Orgasm Blush, and here's why.
Q - Anna, are you sponsored?

A - Ha. I wish. Then I'd get this for free. No. I should try though. How do you get sponsored anyway?

Q - How did you find it?

A - The Nars blushes are iconic. I remember finding it almost 10 years ago whilst browsing a cosmetic store aisle like a crazy person hoping to find something…anything. I'd had no luck with previous purchases.

Q – Why do you love it?

A - From the first time I tried it on, I was hooked and from then on, I always have it with me – it just gives me the complexion and definition I'm looking for. I'll even search to see if it's on sale to make sure I've got stock when I run out. Personally, I use coral pink (it has gold glitter in it as well) and it seems to suit many skin tones I think.

You can check out the entire Nars range on the BeautyPro app if you want to see if it's right for you, and then you can see where it's sold and what it costs.

Do you want to know more about Nars?
Here's some more info.

Behind the brand

Now world famous, Nars has hit cult status in the beauty industry with many celebrities and makeup artists use some or all their products. Today it's consistently in the international best seller list, but it started from humble beginnings. The French makeup artist, François Nars founded Nars in 1994 (and wouldn't you too with a sophisticated last name like that?). His inspiration came from the growing frustration he found with the choice available to him in his line of work. His first range of lipsticks hit Barneys in New York and sold out immediately. That seemed like enough motivation to expand to a full range, and Nars was born.

What's news?

A New Nars Orgasm range was released in May this year (2017), including a lipstick, liquid blush and a limited edition compact containing the original blush formula. The liquid blush is a new category for Nars and it houses fours shades including Dolce Vita (matte dusty rose), Luster (sheer golden Apricot), Orgasm (Sheer, warm pink with shimmer gold and Torrid (warm coral with golden shimmer).

You can check it out on the BeautyPro app via the discovery function.

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